Former Cisco employees new aussie start-up transforming Business with Digital Enterprise Solutions

Specialising in a broad range of services relating to IT, security and digital collaboration, Citrus solutions is a new aussie start-up founded by David Barker. Having had 17 years of experience in IT at Cisco prior to his role of managing director of VCE, his interest in the field led him to create his own start-up.

“I missed the IT industry and the challenge, so I decided to set up my own IT business,” Barker told ARN.

Citrus Solutions currently has a team of 17 staff that consists predominantly of Cisco former colleagues, including business development manager Dan Barker, and solutions consultants Nalaka Karunaratne, Kiran Vuppalapati and Abu Hadee.

As Barker describes, Citrus Solutions aims to collaborate with its clients in harnessing new technologies and developing IT infrastructure solutions that align them closer to their goals, enabling adaptability in the ever-evolving IT industry.

Barker and the team at citrus expressed an interest in further exploring the IoT space, after achieving a partnership with Cisco and IoT certification.

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