Be digitally resilient

Proactively protect your business from existing & emerging security threats.

Here at Citrus, we’re digital resilience experts. We’re gearing up for your business’s next biggest battle: becoming equipped to defend itself against the rising number of security threats that change in nature on a daily basis - threatening the operation of your business.

As security challenges are often driven by events that are out of your control, we want to help mitigate the security risks by assisting in implementing postures that evolve the way your business does - by being agile, operate efficiently and optimised for your environment.

Our Offerings:

Application Security

Optimise the required level security practice and visibility across the entire enterprise attack surface, wherever and however applications are instantiated. The ability to bridge the gap between DevOps and Security teams means that businesses can encourage the efficiency of containers and create value for customers in a secure yet agile fashion.


Our solution significantly reduces the cost associated with compliance and critical infrastructure protection through automating the assessment of many of the critical infrastructure protection controls points. These controls have traditionally been very difficult to automate, and therefore resource intensive to maintain and audit. However, Citrus's unique solutions can automate and prioritize these troublesome controls, greatly decreasing resource requirements while actually improving the quality of the control.

Application Security


Implement a secure infrastructure with the right policies, process and architecture by bring together our experience and solutions partners to address your security requirements



Support all aspects of your network infrastructure solutions requirements via our highly skilled professionals use abstraction, orchestration, and automation tools to ensure we maximise your infrastructure outcomes and optimise cost

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