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Does your Business require you to be connected with high quality WiFi around the Office in order to complete essential business functions?

We build a solid infrastructure foundation, taking the hassle out of security and setting up a space for teams to thrive, your business will be ready to propel forward.

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Ensure staff are able to complete essential business functions, on a World-Class WiFi Network!

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How do I get World-Class WiFi infrastructure in the Office?

Step 1

Contact Citrus Solutions

Step 2

We will conduct an Ekahau Powered WiFi Site Survey

Step 3

Implement our Engineering Recommendations

Benefits of a WiFi Site Survey

Cost Reduction

Purchase the correct number of Access Points

Post a professional site survey, the correct number of access points and associated licenses can be ordered.
Over provisioning of AP’s is expensive, under provisioning of AP’s is perhaps even more expensive as business continuity is disrupted and often expensive post installation remediation is required.

Cost Reduction

The correct placement of Access Points

Guessing the placement of access points is almost certain to lead to black-spots in WiFi coverage, poor system performance or in some cases oversaturation of WiFi channels and/or spectrum.

A poorly designed Network will require remediation, which is almost always more expensive than correct initial design and installation!

Cost Reduction

The correct model of AP’s

Do you need to wall mount or ceiling mount the AP in a specific location?Did you know wall mount AP’s and ceiling mount AP’s may be entirely different models? it is not generally the case of mounting the bracket on the wall instead of the ceiling!

Do you need external directional antenna (bunny ears) or are internal omni-directional antennas most suitable?

Ordering the wrong model of AP, or incorrectly mounting the AP will be costly and lead to poor WiFi performance.

Cost Reduction

Shorter Installation Time

The WiFi Network site survey will generate a work order so that AP’s can be installed (or moved) by your preferred electrician prior to the logical system configuration.

Post physical installation, the data gathered by the WiFi site survey is ingested into the management tool of your preferred WiFi vendor (Ekahau is compatible with most mainstream modern WiFi systems) enabling the WiFi system to be optimally configured and ready for use, cutting professional services costs.

Increased PErformance

Spectrum interference?

Are there devices already using the 2.4, 5 or 6 Ghz spectrum in or around your campus?

What can be done to minimise spectrum interference and where can AP’s be placed and tuned to ensure predictable coverage and ensure performance issues are avoided?

Installed your WiFi Network without a Site Survey?

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WiFi isn’t just a Network, it's an Essential Business Asset.

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“Our goal at Citrus Solutions is to become the default choice for providing WiFi Network engineering excellence, to all Australian enterprises.”
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