Using Technology for the Greater Good

Flexible Virtual Visitation

HowRU is a virtual visitation solution from Cisco Partners, Citrus Solutions and Taleka, stemming from the desperate needs connect ICU patients with their loved ones during the COVID-19 pandemic.

After experiencing a surge in ICU admissions and the implementation of strict restrictions being imposed on in-person visitations. This imposed an emotionally difficult situation for all involved, prompting the greater need to virtually connect ICU patients with their loved ones, as well as connecting loved ones with the patients care teams.

What is HowRU Patient?

HowRU provides a flexible, easy-to-use, virtual visitation solution. Being developed of the basis of Cisco’s video conferencing software, Webex, both Citrus Solutions and Taleka worked together to identify key workflows and processes that could be simplified through technological automation.

The development of HowRU has enabled ICU patients to utilise a tablet device by their bedside with a personalised virtual visitation space, connecting a patient with an unlimited number of friends and family, from anywhere in the world, with just two taps.

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Citrus Solutions and Taleka have been recognised for their recent innovative efforts to develop the HowRU Patient system, being awarded the ARN Partners Innovation in Collaboration Award.

“Enormous credit to the market-leading companies… continuing to press ahead in helping customers innovate at pace… Congratulations 'Citrus Solutions' and 'Taleka', nothing can stop your pursuit of excellence.”

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